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    Each home is actively connected through the internet to four neighbor homes and each of those homes is also connected actively to four neighbor homes through the internet making a network continuum throughout the entire community guaranteeing crime free communities.


Ruel Clark, Inventor
Graduated from BYU in 1959 with a degree in Physics. Designed Automatic control systems for several large manufacturers in the Salt Lake area for measurement and industrial  control. Designed the temperature control system for the Norman Oklahoma
NOAA NWS Weather Radar station.
He has started several businesses with some successes and some failures giving him the experience and knowledge to perfect his dream system:
Safety is a primary concern for all families.
However, a greater concern in our country is the isolation of each family as they go about their daily activities with little regard for the well being of their neighbors and their neighbors unaware of their challenges.

While working in my field and inventing  NaborLink, I have had the great privilege of living close to my children in the lovely community of Bluffdale, Utah. We have shared each other's challenges and joys because we are close to them, feeling secure in each other's response as problems arise.

The element that is lacking is the ability to know the current condition of our families 24/7. What is happening to them at 3am? Did they remember to lock their doors? Are they ok?
So, I set out 20 years ago to design a system that would reliably warn all of our homes as well as authorities when something goes wrong. It took until now for technology to provide the tools to match my designs.

The main purpose of this inspired system is to bring neighbors together emphasizing simple installation and operation and ultra relible fail-safe equipment. Thus, allowing neighborhoods everywhere to enjoy the security that my families have of knowing that people who care about them have the technology for immediate response from those who are trained by local police and fire departments as volunteers and are one or more of your four neighbors along with fire and police agencies in your community!
The Right Choices
Present security systems are inadequate to protect. Their failure rate is 98%. That means that out of every 100 calls to authorities, 98 of them are false.

Purveyors of these systems have created a poor reputation of dishonesty and using poor equipment that is easy and inexpensive to install but the monthly cost is excessive and THE SYSTEMS ARE USELESS
since (1) they emphasize wi-fi which is easily defeated and (2) the response time for help to actually arrive can be many minutes during which time, intruders have done their work and smoke has developed into a raging inferno.

Current systems are strictly a means of maximizing an investment consisting of student salesmen going door to door, often sacrificing part of their commission to make a pathetic sale for minimal and easily installed devices. These devices are installed at a later date by poorly trained persons whose ethics often come under scrutiny costing alarm companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in well deserved fines.

The over sensitive and hard to adjust devices are installed inside the home in zones, forcing families to huddle in an unprotected zone when the system is actuated


Each home or business has one Controller hardwire connected to all Consoles and as many as 1024 stations in a mix of 26 different types and internet connected to four neighbors and police and fire stations. The Controller constantly requests information every three seconds from each station and the four assigned neighbors and receives an "ok" or an alarm. If an alarm is received, it then sends it to neighbors, police and fire stations based on the type of alarm. Absence of an expected "ok" or alarm at any of the associated neighbors causes each neighbor to send an alarm consisting of data previously derived from the offended home to the police.

The Naborlink system is very simple to use. Functions that are used frequently are selected directly from the keypad. The remainder are selected with Key 9 (FUNCTIONS).

The keypad is the same as a telephone keypad that everyone is familiar with: the numbers 0-9 and the star (*) and pound (#) key.
 Around the keypad are labels for direct action.

Key 1 (SETPOINTS) is used to view and change setpoints such as date and time and code values and limits for alarms. Except for time and date, changes made in this function require use of the master password.

Key 2 (not labeled) provides an audible recitation of the current time and date for the blind. This recitation may be heard at anytime by pressing key 2 or it may be programmed to occur every hour on the hour.

Key 3 (HVAC) requires the star(*) entry followed by the code and provides access to the HVAC (Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning) system that controls whole house or individual room temperature and humidity.

Key 4 (HYDRATION) requires the star(*) entry followed by the code and enters the hydration program which controls  shrub and  lawn watering programs. It includes a provision for those who have scheduled access to irrigation canal water.

Key 5 (not labeled) requires the star(*) entry followed by the code and  allows viewing of the most recent exceptions that have occured. These exceptions are reported to the central control office and consist of alarms that have occurred and manual .date and mode changes. These values assist NaborLink to better educate customers in system use rather than applying fines when mistakes are made. No fines are ever applied in this excellent system!

Key 6 (ARM/SUSP) requires the star(*) key followed by the code and allows selection and value changes for either of two modes of operation: Full  Alarm Mode (ARMED) or Suspended Mode(SUSP). SUSP mode prevents alarms from being transmitted to neighbors and authorities but reminds the home occupants when a door is opened  with its location and warns that the system is suspended. ARMED mode, after programmable delays, transmits  alarms to destinations based on the alarm. For example, smoke alarms go to neighbors and the local fire department while a water leak is sent to neighbors.
All alarms have a programmable destination. All alarms except silent  alarms are voiced in the home. This key is also used in functions for (N) no.

Key 7 requires the star(*) key followed by the code and provides access to the lighting system which includes control of window shades,

Key 8 (not labeled) allows the toggled control of alarm reminders. Whenever a door is opened, the system voices that opening with the location and voices the current suspension or armed mode. This key disables the reminders for two hours during heavy door usage and enables it earlier if desired.

Key 9 (FUNCTION) requires the star(*) key followed by the code and enters the function selection mode which provides access to many other less used control or measurement operations. This key is also used for (Y) yes in functions.

Key * (CODE) followed by the code  silences audible alarms and is used for decrease in functions.

Key 0, when held down, sends immediate silent alarms
with key 2 (intrusion),
with key 5 (domestic),
with key 8 (medical)

Key # (ALARM RESET) followed by the code resets any alarms and notifies all destinations of the cancellation. It is also used for increase in functions. 
This system is installed by the purchasing homeowner. (DIY). Minimal knowledge is required but a level of general expertise in "handyman fashion" will be helpful. Since it is a neighborhood project, there should be sufficient capabilities to see a successful installation for every home in the five home interlaced neighborhoods!

Each subsystem (station or support item) purchased includes instructions and necessary tools required.

Naborlink System Description (pdf)
under construction
Type - A Ankle Bracelet
Type - C Window Grill
Type - D  Door
Type - E Environmental
Type - F  Power Consumption
Type - G Garage
Type - H HVAC
Type - J Coherency
Type - K Inside Air Quality
Type - L Lighting
Type - M Medical Alert
Type - Q Speaker
Type - R Refrigeration and water leakage
Type - S Smoke
Type - T Future
Type - U Hydration
Type - V Future
Type - W Water
Type - X Pedestrian
Type - Y Utilities
Type - Z Future

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